Why Partner with Technical Specialty Solutions?


Our Team has been working with General Contractors for years.  We understand first costs, quality and service are only your minimum requirements.  We go above and beyond by providing turnkey design/build solar and battery back-up solutions.  We accomplish this by utilizing our local resources and support.  

We are also a licensed HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical contractor.  This unique experience has allowed us to take a holistic approach to design and energy use while providing you and your customers with the options needed in this competitive market.  

By coupling all or your technical services with us, you will also be able to reduce your overall construction costs and coordination between other trades, thus saving you more time and money.



Safety First

Safety First is not just a slogan at Technical Specialty Solutions, it's our culture.  We strictly adhere to this practice in everything we do.  From our daily Tailgate Meetings to PPE inspections, we expect our crews to go back home to see their family the same way they arrived on the job site.   

Partnership FAQ


Can you provide the Energy Calculations, Design and Permit Package?

 Yes.  At Technical Specialty Solutions, we have Certified Energy Managers on staff who can work along side your Architect to provide the complete design package. 



Seamlessly Together

We understand it takes many building trades working in harmony to accomplish a safe work environment all while meeting the demanding construction schedule.  We will work closely with your existing electrical and roofing sub-contractor to ensure a seamless installation and schedule. 

New Regulations


Do I need to add Solar Power to my new home construction?

Yes.  California’s 2019 Building Energy Efficiency Standards officially take effect on January 1, 2020.   

Will we be required to install a Battery-Backup System along with the Solar?

No.  However, there is a provision in the regulation that will allow the solar system to be reduced by 25% if a battery back-up system is installed.  This provides the builder with some flexibility to accommodate their customers, f they also want a battery back-up system.

What size Solar System will I need to install?

The Solar System must be sized to net out the annual kilowatt-hour energy usage of the dwelling.  Basically, the system will need to provide 100% of calculated electrical power requirements.  These requirements are detailed in your current Title XXIV Energy Plan.  Under these parameters, coupled with the fact that new homes will be more efficient overall, solar system sizes are expected to range from 2.7 kilowatts to 5.7 kilowatts based on location. 

Will we be required to include an Electrical Vehicle Charger as well?

No.  The current regulation only requires that you make “provisions” for the electrical vehicle charger. Fortunately, there are solar inverters today that have a “plug and play” electrical vehicle charger function, without adding additional electrical load, wiring or breaker space.

Will we be required include a Remote Solar Monitoring System?

Yes.  Under the provision of the regulations, the solar system must have a web-based energy production system to validate the solar systems production. Fortunately, the systems we install at Technical Specialty Solutions will have this capability. There will no extra installation cost or ongoing monitoring fee for the homeowners.