What Type of Equipment Do You Install?


At Technical Specialty Solutions, we will only design and install the best and most trusted equipment in the industry. 

The equipment we use is manufactured by Publicly Traded Companies who offer first class Service and Warranty along with the financial backing to be around for the long haul!  

Can we sell our excess power back to the Utility Company?


Answer: Yes. 

This is made possible through California Net Metering Legislation. The original policy for net metering in California is very simple: for every kilowatt-hour (kWh) of solar electricity you feed into the grid, you get a bill credit for one kWh of utility-generated electricity (from PG&E). 

When your solar panels produce more than you need, you “bank” the excess to use when your panels don’t produce enough to meet your monthly use. If your system is the right size, net metering makes it possible for you to cover your electricity use for the entire year with solar.  

PG&E has created a short video that explains the benefits of Net Metering. You can view the video by clicking here.

Will our Solar work when the power is out?


Answer: The short answer is, probably not. 

California has recently enacted a new code, called “Rule 21”, which requires all solar panels to de-energize when the power grid does down.  This is intended to be a protection for the Fire Department’s safety during an emergency. 

However, there are new systems today that essentially create a “micro-grid” at your home and allows the solar panels to continue working during a power outage.  To create a micro-grid, the solar system must be designed with a DC coupled energy storage system, micro-grid controller and solar panels. 

Generac Clean Energy System is one of the few systems in the marketplace that can accomplish this task. If you are interested in a micro-grid system, please let us know as early in the design process as possible. 

Is There a Long-term Monitoring/Software Fee for the Solar?


Answer: No. 

The system’s we offer all include a free App that allows the homeowner to access and view their data via their own Wi-Fi connection. The following example is from the Enphase system.