What Is UtilityAPI?


The Industry Leading Company for Utility Data Collection between Customers and Businesses

"UtilityAPI is a utility data service for the new energy economy. Hundreds of energy vendors use us every day to request and download utility customer bill and interval data."  

Why Use UtilityAPI?


UtilityAPI helps expedite the process of collecting Your utility data while also allowing us to generate more accurate proposals. 

This allows Your solar project to get underway sooner.

How long does it take to receive the data?

UtilityAPI = One to Five Days

Utility Companies = Two to Three Weeks

"Can I Trust UtilityAPI?"

Yes! Each of the companies below utilize UtilityAPI everyday. Recognize any?


Privacy is a priority for these companies. 

They only place their trust in the hands of the best.

Rest assured, your data is kept safe with UtilityAPI.

Share Your Data


Click the following link, provide your utility information and get your Solar project underway!